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Clubs & Organizations

Posted by celticdreamz on 2009.01.06 at 13:10
Anyone here belong to any clubs/organizations? What makes them worth joining? What kind(s) of goodies did you receive (if any) upon joining?

I'm a member of the Georgia Regional Mustang Club and we need help revitalizing things. Basically, I'm looking for ideas on how to attract new members, keep existing members coming back, etc. We have had car shows in the past, but the main sponsor (a local dealership) backed out of last year's show.


Thank you! psychic_spychic at 2009-01-15 07:39 (UTC) (Link)
I'm a member of the "Slow Rollers" of Louisiana. It's not inclusive of only Mustangs, but there are quite a few of us 'Stangers in it. The only thing I got was comradeship with other car lovers and a bunch of new friends... but that's enough for me ^_^

I'd suggest, if you haven't already, posting bulletins at the local auto parts stores. If you need a place to gather, try asking the manager of some business that is perhaps closed on a Saturday or Sunday if you can use their parking lot. Do be sure to inform the local police that you'll be there and for how long, and make sure the manager or owner also informs them that they've given you permission to be there.

The thing that works best, in my opinion, to keep members involved is having gatherings pretty often. Say, once a month... first Saturday of the month... something like that. This way, people don't tend to forget as easily. With as busy as most of our lives are these days, things can slip your mind. But if there's a specific, repeating time to gather... it makes it easier. Sometimes some folks won't show up one month or another... but then there will be some who will be there every single time. And by gathering together at such an interval, if you do it perhaps in an area on a main street of town... people who are interested in Mustangs will SEE all the cars out there, and stop by to take a look. And people WITH Mustangs might just wanna join up!

Do you charge a fee to join? That's always a downer to anybody... so if you HAVE some reason that you must charge a fee, make sure it's as low as you possibly can have it.

I can't think of anything else at the moment. And all that I've said may be things you've already thought of... sorry if that's the case! I just thought I'd respond. It's nice to see a post in here. I created this community 5 years ago. For a couple of years, it was really booming... then things started to slack off. Now there's been a couple posts in under a week... maybe that means things are turning around for the better here. We can hope!

Have a great day fellow 'Stanger! *salute*

Thank you! psychic_spychic at 2009-01-15 07:41 (UTC) (Link)
HA. Okay, it would have helped had I first visited the website =P

Now I feel totally silly!

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