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2005 V6 to Pony grill conversion

Posted by 7lux on 2010.11.09 at 19:19
I'm looking for information on how to properly install this V6 Pony grill. It will be replacing the regular V6 Grill.
With my kit came instruction for installing a GT grill. That's fine and it's informative, but the wires are different. There are 2 extra wires here and I'm not sure where they would go.

I've searched the internet, but mostly it's for V6 to GT conv. or websites to buy these things.

Does anyone know where I can get a detailed explaination, maybe someone here has already done it?
I basically bought everything I need to turn my regular V6 into a Pony edition.

(regarding the wires) Here are some pictures of what I'm talking about:
under this link!Collapse )

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Posted by psychic_spychic on 2010.10.10 at 15:50
just rotated the tires on my gt. i look like a tar baby!

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Posted by psychic_spychic on 2010.09.27 at 21:05
Hey mustang_lovers! What's up?

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hey hey!

Posted by psychic_spychic on 2010.07.15 at 01:46
been a while since anyone posted anything in here. how's everyone doing?

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Clubs & Organizations

Posted by celticdreamz on 2009.01.06 at 13:10
Anyone here belong to any clubs/organizations? What makes them worth joining? What kind(s) of goodies did you receive (if any) upon joining?

I'm a member of the Georgia Regional Mustang Club and we need help revitalizing things. Basically, I'm looking for ideas on how to attract new members, keep existing members coming back, etc. We have had car shows in the past, but the main sponsor (a local dealership) backed out of last year's show.

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