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Posted by redconvoy on 2009.01.03 at 00:22
I wanted to know if this is a community where you could also bring to attention about other drivers on the road and their hostility to Mustang owners. I need to know who the Moderators are.  I feel the need to bring attention to this somehow. 


Thank you! psychic_spychic at 2009-01-03 07:38 (UTC) (Link)
*waves* that would be me.

what do you have in mind?
Thank you! redconvoy at 2009-01-04 05:37 (UTC) (Link)
This is what I feel everyday that I drive. There was an article on AOL and I forgot what it pertained to, but I said something on there about SUV drivers blocking the view of smaller cars. I experiened this one time at Walmart at Sawgrass Mall and it was at night. It's hard to distinguish oncoming cars because of the headlights and I had five SUV's pull into the median with me and the last one had the nerve to angry with me because I couldn't see past him. He stopped his SUV, I stepped out of my car daring him to try something by just remaining silent and he threatened to call the police on me. Mind you the cop probably would have yelled at him for blocking my view and make him realize my car was much smaller than his SUV. Getting back on the subject I find out on this news blog from another SUV owner that Mustang drivers cut them off all of the time causing hostility toward the same car. I told her road rage was against the law! I am driver that is minding my own business on the road and I could count on one hand (being three fingers) that I cut people off in one year and one time was because of a migraine. The guy didn't crash into me, but I cut in front of him and I apologized, but everyone else on the same road converged on me to crash into my car. Someone tried to take out my front end! It's not up to them to get back at me for it and these idiots don't realize they could go to jail for it. I am sure they cut people off and ticked them off in the past forgetting that they aren't perfect either! I have them converging on me when I don't do anything!

Mercedes and BMW owners cut everyone off because they feel they have the right of way, but do I want to maim the next Beamer or Mercedes Owner that comes along minding their own business? No!

I got hit in the rear the other day by a teen who lost control of his suped up Honda on the highway. He tapped the side of my rear end and then took off. Do you think anyone converged on him on my behalf? No! Because the Mustang owner minding her own business deserved it because she owns a Mustang!

This is what I mean. You could mind your own business, but people still want to cut off your car because five to eight other Mustang owners ticked them off that week. It scares me because sometimes I have my niece with me and she is my main concern when these things threaten to happen. I am not going to stop driving a Mustang because I annoy people by its presence or because it's not environmentally friendly. It's my right to own one as much as it is someone's right to own an SUV or a Mercedes.

Do people feel like this or is it just South Florida Drivers being rude?
Thank you! psychic_spychic at 2009-01-17 04:58 (UTC) (Link)
more people will see this if you post it directly to the community as you did in your original entry...

i'm sorry i haven't replied sooner... i've been otherwise occupied =X

personally, i haven't had any overwhelming hatred directed toward me for my mustangs. there was one teenage girl when i was in college who did seem to hate me for my car, because she didnt recognize me AT college, and was nice... but then she'd see me on the street, in my car, and give me dirty looks and turn up her nose... and cut me off.

but that is pretty much the only hatred i've encountered.

but yeah... go ahead and post this directly to the community so more folks can see it and hopefully reply to you. :)
it's no joke, it's a rope tuco.
Thank you! sensitive_one at 2009-01-03 19:48 (UTC) (Link)
heh i've encountered a bit of hostility on the road. not much, but enough. and audis always want to race me. weird.
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